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Impress® Anti-Aging Facial Pads Program

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For the first time ever, great skin care does NOT require the daily application of an expensive line of products! Impress has eliminated complicated routines (we call VANITY INSANITY) by creating the most innovative way to effortlessly deliver the most proven anti-aging products to your skin from a single box. 


We’ve taken the three most clinically proven vehicles (substances) for anti-aging and placed these solutions on separately sealed pads. The pads are organized in a box in the order they are applied. Once each day, simply remove the top pad from the box, apply it, and toss it. It’s that simple to naturally take years off your appearance. Impress is easy, affordable and best of all Impress applies the most clinically proven ingredients that work! 

There is no simpler more effective way to anti-age your skin.  3 unique formulas, 1 pad per day…it’s genius!