Desert Botanicals

Why desert botanicals?

Life that exists within the desert ecosystem is extremely unique. These life forms are abundant and well adapted to arid, often harsh conditions. Desert plants have evolved sophisticated systems that enable them to more efficiently use water and conserve the water that is available to them. Many desert plants have been relatively untapped with regards to the medicinal properties they employ.

The Arizona desert is one of the harshest environments in the world. Yet, from this relentlessly hot, dry and dusty climate come nature's solutions for promoting healthy skin despite just such conditions. By incorporating rare desert botanicals critical to fostering life in this arid land, we have unlocked nature's secret code for healthy skin regardless of environmental circumstances.

The Impress® line incorporates a blend of extracts from plants typically found within the deserts of the Southwestern United States. More specifically, Prickly Pear and Cactus Flower extracts. Each of these plants hosts a number of adaptations helping them to survive and flourish in this acrimonious environment. They have adapted means of protection from UV radiation and the damage that it often causes. These extracts are then coupled with Impress® core active ingredients clinically proven to dramatically reverse the signs of aging and sun damaged skin.

The results? Truly Impressive.