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How is Impress® different? I've used so many other products before?

Impress Anti-Aging Facial Pads are unique in that all of your anti-aging products that lift, firm, smooth and even coloration are found in one box on separately sealed pads. Affordable and easy to apply, Impress® removes the burden of purchasing and applying many products. How’s that for Genius!

When do I apply? Morning or evening?

Apply the top pad in your box of pads once per day in the morning or evening. Your choice. For maximum results, gently cleanse with Impress® Foaming Cleanser prior to applying. Rinse and dry off, then apply your daily pad. Apply Impress® Moisturizer one minute after pad application. Wait 5-10 minutes to apply Impress® Moisturizer after applying the Peel & Brighten pad to avoid deactivating the acid peeling effect before it completes its work.

Do I need any other skin care products?

The application of a long line of products is the recommendation of nearly every skin care company. The more products they sell you, the more profit they make. There is no denying the impracticality and burden of cumbersome routines. The good news is you no longer need to apply other anti-aging products once you begin to apply the Impress® Anti-Aging Facial Pads. This revolutionary concept offers multiple products solutions from a single container, addressing all of the primary skin aging issues. Our moisturizer, cleanser and sunscreen support the anti-aging benefits of our proprietary pads system. That’s it! No simpler more effective skin care system exists. It’s time to switch to the simpler, more targeted Impress® Skincare regimen.

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How long does it take to work? How soon will I see results?

The Peel & Brighten pad delivers nearly instant results by dissolving the surface layer of dead skin cells in minutes. Healthy living cells are revealed presenting an instant healthy youthful glow. Uplifting & Firming will begin working right away to stimulate new collagen growth. New collagen firms and lifts sagging & wrinkled skin. Understand it takes time for collagen to grow, so be patient and allow your skin to keep improving with daily use. Like diet & exercise, anti-aging is a lifestyle. The simpler and more affordable your routine, the more likely you will adopt it as a lifestyle, and thereby, achieve optimal results. Our process only requires one simple swipe of a pad per day, making it easy, affordable and effective with daily use.

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It's not working (my spots, wrinkles, discoloration, sagging skin are not improving)

Results improve with time. This is a lifestyle process. Just like planting a seed, patience is required while you await the plant to grow and bear fruit. Remember, the day you plant a seed is not the day you eat the fruit. Keep moving forward and know that your daily Impress® routine will bring fabulous results! The pads have clinically proven ingredients to improve your skin more and more with each application. Every time you apply the pads you are reversing aging rather than allowing aging to progress unchecked.

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How long do the results last?

With regular use, results last for a lifetime. Daily application of Impress® PrimeShade® sunscreen will also protect the longevity of results. PrimeShade®’s active ingredients are natural zinc oxide and titanium dioxide minerals milled from the earth. Learn More About PrimeShade® and Maintaining Your Results

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How long will my box of pads last?

Our four-week supply of Impress® Anti-Aging Facial Pads includes 28 pads with our three unique formulas for 28 days of application. Organized in a single box, the pads are conveniently arranged in the exact order you should apply them. To avoid running out of product, you can choose to join our Auto-Replenishment program which includes a 15% discount and free shipping!  

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How cost-effective are the Impress® Anti-Aging Facial Pads?

Effective high-grade ingredients are not inexpensive. Remember you are buying three formulations (products) in one box. If you were to buy similar products separately, you would very likely spend much much more. Our research shows anti-aging skin care lines utilizing similar ingredients average $200 and often a lot more per month. Also, consider your first pad application, Peel & Brighten, is equivalent to a professional salon peel which would likely cost the same or more than an entire month's worth (one box) of Impress® Anti-aging Facial Pads. That's an $80-$100 value back from the first pad application in the box! The Impress® Anti-Aging system is the easiest, most comprehensive, affordable and effective anti-aging skin care product available.

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I travel a lot. How do the pads travel?

The pads are individually sealed, so they're ideal to carry when traveling. No messy liquids to transport through airport security or requirements to place your products with checked baggage. Just take the number of pads from the top of your box equal to the number of days you are traveling. Remember, the order you apply your three pads is important. When traveling, you may want to mark or number your pads’ packets in the order they are removed from the top of the box. This will make it easy to reorganize and apply them in their proper order should they get shuffled in your baggage.

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Where is the clinical proof?

You may want to search the Internet regarding our core active ingredients: Retinoids, Hydroxy acids and Anti-oxidants. There is a multitude of published peer-reviewed clinical science establishing the effectiveness of these specific dermatological vehicles for the anti-aging of skin. We have found no equivalents with as great a volume of clinical research supporting the anti-aging benefits as Retinoids, Hydroxy acids and Anti-oxidants. Impress® Anti-Aging Facial Pads provides a revolutionary proprietary delivery system, allowing you the simplest most affordable way to apply these proven anti-aging ingredients to your skin.

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Can I use the pads on other areas besides the face?

Absolutely yes! Our facial pads are saturated with enough formula to add extra body parts like the neck, chest and hands. Use each pad until it is completely dry. Anti-aging should not be limited to the face. Most quality anti-aging products are so expensive you don’t dare waste them on the neck, chest or hands. At Impress®, we recognize that all of those areas are regularly exposed to the aging effects of the sun and require attention.

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Does the order I use the three different pads matter?

Yes, your Peel & Brighten pad is best to start with because it dissolves dead skin cells allowing the other pads ingredients to penetrate easier. Your Soothe & Shelter pad calms & protects the work of the more aggressive Peel & Brighten and Uplifting & Firming pads.  Soothe & Shelter is therefore arranged to be applied in between the other pad formulations, providing the optimal balance of aggressive anti-aging with soothing, calming and anti-oxidant protection from free radicals and environmental pollutants.

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I spilled the pads out of the box and my pads are out of order. What should I do?

Place them back into the Impress® box in the following weekly (7 day) order from top to bottom:

  1. Peel & Brighten.

  2. Soothe & Shelter.

  3. Uplifting & Firming.

  4. Soothe & Shelter.

  5. Uplifting & Firming.

  6. Soothe & Shelter.

  7. Uplifting & Firming.

Repeat this order weekly.

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I forgot to use the pads for a day or more. What should I do? Does the order change?

No, just continue (from the top of the box) where you left off.

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Are the pad solutions tested on animals?

No. We are also proud that our products are sulfate & paraben free and made in the USA.

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If you have any skin related disease(s) or any medical conditions, always consult a qualified physician prior to applying Impress® Skincare products.

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Can the pads be applied on or close to the eyes?

No, keep away from eyes and mucosa. If contact occurs, rinse well with water. If irritation, redness or itching occur, discontinue use and consult a physician.

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The pads seem to be drying my skin. What should I do?

Our active ingredients are aggressive in order to promote real change. They may sometimes cause drying. A good moisturizer will likely benefit this reaction. We designed our Impress® Moisturizer to work ideally with our Impress® Anti-aging Facial Pads for optimal balance and hydration.

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Is it normal to feel stinging or burning skin? Is it normal for my skin to feel more sensitive irritated or blotchy?

The Impress® Anti-Aging Facial Pads Program is formulated for all skin types. Sensitivity is more common after applying your weekly Peel & Brighten Pad. We recommend neutralizing the Peel & Brighten Hydroxy Acid Pad with Impress® Moisturizer or cool water 5 to 10 minutes after application. The Peel & Brighten Pad functions similarly to a professional peel, which delivers bright luminous skin in a few minutes after application.

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My skin has started breaking out since I started using the pads. Are they causing the breakout?

The ingredients in the Peel & Brighten and Uplifting & Firming pads both contain active agents that defeat acne breakouts; however, if your skin is dry, dry skin can cause a breakout. You should consider applying Impress® Moisturizer after each pad application. If acne persists, using a hydrating OIL-FREE moisturizer may resolve this issue otherwise discontinue use of your products and consult a qualified physician.

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Can I use the pads if I have eczema, rosacea or dry skin?

Consult your physician.

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Can I use the pads if I have cancer or receive radiation or if I am pregnant/nursing?

Consult your physician.

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Medicine & contra-indications. Are there medicines I may be taking that should not be combined with the application of my pads?

Consult your prescribing physician.

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Are the ingredients natural?

The Impress® ingredients are naturally derived wherever possible.

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Can I have a list of ingredients?

Yes, click here to view Ingredients

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What are the benefits of Desert Botanicals Ingredients?

In addition to our core anti-aging ingredients Hydroxy Acids, Antioxidants & Retinoids, The Impress® line incorporates a blend of extracts from plants found within the Sonoran Desert of the Southwestern United States, including prickly pears and cactus flowers. Desert plants have evolved sophisticated ecosystems that enable them to more efficiently maintain a moisture barrier while resisting the damaging effects of intense sun exposure and UV radiation. By incorporating desert botanicals critical to fostering life in this arid land, we have unlocked nature's secret code for nourished vital skin regardless of environmental circumstances. 

These desert-based plant botanicals are also rich in antioxidants. But these aren't just any antioxidants: They are rare and potent antioxidants known as betalains. The prickly pear cactus fruit contains 24 of the known betalains (which is double the amount that beets contain, to put it in perspective). These betalains are responsible for beauty benefits like an added glow to the skin and reduced under-eye puffiness.

By incorporating the most proven anti-aging vehicles and skin-rejuvenating desert botanicals into one product, we have eliminated multiple application steps that deliver compelling youthful, radiant skin.

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Where are Impress® products made?

All Impress® products are developed at our medical skin care clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona and proudly made in the USA!

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