Is your bathroom counter overflowing with too many skincare products?

  • Confused about which products you really need to be using for beautiful, healthy skin?
  • Can’t remember which products you are supposed to use daily vs weekly or monthly?
  • Afraid to travel with your expensive products to avoid confiscation by security?
  • Overwhelmed by all the choices in skincare and anti-aging creams and treatments?

It’s time to simplify with Impress Skincare Facial Pads

1 PAD / DAY x 28 DAYS

3 unique skincare formulas.

1 pad per day.

Perfectly arranged in 1 box.

It’s genius!

The Ideal combination of the 3 most clinically proven ingredients for beautiful skin.


    Weekly exfoliator to gently dissolve away dead skin and brighten.


    EGCG from green tea is 100x more potent than the more common Vitamin C based serums. Calms, soothes and protects against free radical damage.


    Lifts, tightens, rejuvenates and evens out discoloration and brown spots.

Forget about what day it is! We’ve done the thinking for you.


See how easy it is!

All three pads are combined and arranged in one box in the order you use them. No thought required.

Every day, just apply the top pad in the box. Each day a different pad appears at the top, providing the easiest, affordable and comprehensive skin care process available.

Your anti-aging routine has just been reduced to one step a day.

How’s that for genius!

Each pad is saturated with the perfect amount of product for each day.

Simply Peel. Apply. Toss.

  • Insert fingers into pocket on back of pad.

  • Pull the tab to remove protective foil.

  • Completely remove foil to expose product.

  • Apply to face, then toss used pad.


Order today and save $30 on your first order!

Don’t take our word for it.

"I have used thousands of dollars of products in-store and online and this is the only product I can see results..along with my friends who can also see results. All the dark marks on my face have faded and the fine lines are going away." Patti
Concho, AZ.

Dear Robb, I know that I was a very hesitant and disbelieving client when I first walked into the clinic in May of this year. You were so patient explaining to me just how the photo facial and the skin products worked. And, you were right! The results of the photo facial have far exceeded my expectations. My dull, brown-spotted complexion looks bright and fresh again. Even my husband has noticed and gives me compliments. My new complexion has given me back the confidence and self-esteem that I thought were gone for good.

The products, Impress Facial Pads, Impress Foaming Cleanser, Prime Shade and Impress Moisturizer are absolutely worthy of praise as well. I have had problems with sensitive skin that has allergic response to all skin products that I have used previously. But, not this time. I have been using all of the products now for over three months and still enjoy the feel, smell (or lack of smell) and the results that come with absolutely no allergic response.

Thanks so much to you and the other staff at the clinic. You all deliver amazing customer service along with amazing services and products. See you soon.

Best Regards,
Barbara Montrose
Tucson, AZ
"Five years ago I turned thirty five and accidentally caught a glimpse of myself in one of those high-intense magnifying mirrors and needed a sedative. Since then I have been on a repair the dehydrated , sun spotted, self-inflicted damage from too much tanning and neglect...buying anything and everything that ended up empty on promise until I came across the real deal [Impress Facial Pads]…skeptical that these three simple pads would be everything promised. By day three, I was stunned by the quick result. I look better now than I did at twenty-five. I had achieved these results without a doctor's knife. Thank you for my flawless, new, beautiful skin. Bless you! C. Sandoval
New York, NY

Skip buying tons of different products and remembering when you’re supposed to use them. Everything for beautiful, healthy skin is in one box, ideally arranged for optimal skincare. Just pair with your favorite cleanser and moisturizer.