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Impress® PrimeShade®

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Makeup Primer & Sunscreen

Feels Smooth & Silky!

PrimeShade® is the ideal sunscreen & makeup primer for healthy beautiful skin.

Benefits of PrimeShade®:

  • Designed as the ultimate primer for makeup application
  • Provides full spectrum protection against photo aging UVA & UVB sun rays
  • Contains natural ingredients zinc oxide and titanium dioxide rather than dangerous chemicals that release free radicals inside the skin
  • Contains anti-oxidants to defeat free radicals caused by ultraviolet light & environmental pollutants
  • Contains natural melanin, a known anti-cancer fighting agent
  • Non-Comedogenic, will not clog pores
  • Non-greasy (ideal for oily skin)
  • Suitable for Acne/Rosacea prone skin
  • Does not burn the eyes (great for children & adults alike)
  • Feels sheer and provides a beautiful pearl matte finish

Some scientists fear that sunscreen may damage skin.

What You Need to Know about Sunscreen (hint: high SPF is not the whole story)

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