The Importance of Exfoliation February 06 2015

Ever wonder why exfoliation plays such an important role in the anti-aging of your skin? Most people love the effect of a chemical peel or a micro-dermabrasion treatment because of the instant brightening effect. Skin is brighter because the dull venire of dead cells are removed revealing the healthy living cells beneath. Obviously living dewy cells look better than dead cells. But there is so much more going on from an anti-aging standpoint.

When dead cells are removed, your skin’s natural rejuvenative processes are no longer clogged by a dead skin cell layer. When skin is clogged, healthy migration of new cells is shut down, and thus, skin ages faster. Medical science has overwhelmingly proven that once per week a 15% multi-hydroxy acid peel is the ideal way to gently dissolve dead skin cell buildup. That’s why our 15% multi-hydroxy Peel & Brighten pad appears once per week in your stack of Impress® Anti-aging Facial Pads box.

Every day, simply apply the top pad from your box for the most effortless comprehensive clinical anti-aging available. Every day a different pad formulation appears including your once-per-week Peel & Brighten pad. How’s that for genius!



How to Create Your Own At Home Spa Day January 26 2015

Day spas have become so expensive, it’s nearly impossible to afford them regularly if at all. Don’t fret, Impress® has made it possible for you to enjoy a spa day without the big expense. 

Start in your bathroom with lighting your favorite scented candle. Soft spa music or complete quiet adds a meditative experience. Now you’re ready to draw a warm soothing bath to open your pores and relax tired muscles. We recommend an Epsom salt bath. Dr. Oz shares “Comprised of the minerals magnesium and sulfate, Epsom salt is a natural exfoliant and anti-inflammation remedy that can be used to treat dry skin, sore muscles, small wounds and even to fight illness. It can also be added to any bath or foot soak to create a luxurious at-home spa experience”.

More from Dr. Oz on Epsom salts:

While you bathe, apply Impress® Foaming Cleanser to your face allowing it to dry upon the skin. Rinse in five to ten minutes for a soap free, deep cleansing mask effect. Dry your face with a soft wash cloth.

Next apply your Impress® Peel & Brighten multi-hydroxy acid pad for a salon style peel, then moisturize with Impress Moisturizer. According to Dr. Oz, alpha-hydroxy acids are great primers to be applied prior to moisturizing, driving your moisturizer deeper for optimal hydration. 

Step out of the tub at your leisure. Apply a quality body lotion. 

Now you are your new favorite aesthetician!

The Skin Care Revolution January 06 2015

Ever wonder why every skin care company expects you to buy and apply a multitude of products? Lots of products means lots of application time in front of the mirror. Purchasing lots of products also means lots of cost for you and lots of profit for the skin care company. That’s why at Impress we are starting a movement away from traditional skin care. 

Our revolution began with researching the research. In other words, we had to determine what is most proven by clinical science to improve your skin and thereby eliminate unnecessary products you don't need. It turns out you need to apply three things in order to accomplish what medical science has determined will anti-age your skin the most effectively. 

They are: 

(1) Retinoids (even coloration, lift & firm)

(2) Hydroxy Acids (brighten and rejuvenate) 

(3) Anti-oxidants (soothe and protect).  

The good news is you only have to apply one of the three (alternating) daily for fabulous results. 

Our next step was to devise a way to get these three superstars affordably and easily into your skin. 

Introducing Impress. The once a day anti-aging system that smooths, rejuvenates and firms sagging skin. Each of our three formulas goes into an individually sealed Impress Pad, arranged in the order you use them. Just remove the top pad from your box of Impress, peel away the foil and apply the pad to your skin. Great skin has never been this easy. Just apply the top pad from your box each day. It only takes seconds to do everything science says works the best to make your skin look and feel great!  No more lengthy expensive routines!

Let the revolution begin!!