The Skin Care Revolution January 06 2015

Ever wonder why every skin care company expects you to buy and apply a multitude of products? Lots of products means lots of application time in front of the mirror. Purchasing lots of products also means lots of cost for you and lots of profit for the skin care company. That’s why at Impress we are starting a movement away from traditional skin care. 

Our revolution began with researching the research. In other words, we had to determine what is most proven by clinical science to improve your skin and thereby eliminate unnecessary products you don't need. It turns out you need to apply three things in order to accomplish what medical science has determined will anti-age your skin the most effectively. 

They are: 

(1) Retinoids (even coloration, lift & firm)

(2) Hydroxy Acids (brighten and rejuvenate) 

(3) Anti-oxidants (soothe and protect).  

The good news is you only have to apply one of the three (alternating) daily for fabulous results. 

Our next step was to devise a way to get these three superstars affordably and easily into your skin. 

Introducing Impress. The once a day anti-aging system that smooths, rejuvenates and firms sagging skin. Each of our three formulas goes into an individually sealed Impress Pad, arranged in the order you use them. Just remove the top pad from your box of Impress, peel away the foil and apply the pad to your skin. Great skin has never been this easy. Just apply the top pad from your box each day. It only takes seconds to do everything science says works the best to make your skin look and feel great!  No more lengthy expensive routines!

Let the revolution begin!!