The Importance of Exfoliation February 06 2015

Ever wonder why exfoliation plays such an important role in the anti-aging of your skin? Most people love the effect of a chemical peel or a micro-dermabrasion treatment because of the instant brightening effect. Skin is brighter because the dull venire of dead cells are removed revealing the healthy living cells beneath. Obviously living dewy cells look better than dead cells. But there is so much more going on from an anti-aging standpoint.

When dead cells are removed, your skin’s natural rejuvenative processes are no longer clogged by a dead skin cell layer. When skin is clogged, healthy migration of new cells is shut down, and thus, skin ages faster. Medical science has overwhelmingly proven that once per week a 15% multi-hydroxy acid peel is the ideal way to gently dissolve dead skin cell buildup. That’s why our 15% multi-hydroxy Peel & Brighten pad appears once per week in your stack of Impress® Anti-aging Facial Pads box.

Every day, simply apply the top pad from your box for the most effortless comprehensive clinical anti-aging available. Every day a different pad formulation appears including your once-per-week Peel & Brighten pad. How’s that for genius!